For a new generation of entrepreneurs...

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Peter Drucker

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Scott Belsky

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Vince Lombardi

A global innovation platform for youthful innovation

Young entrepreneurs provide the fountain of innovation for a technologically driven future

BeBold App is a global innovation framework that drives innovation at a post school level of education.

BeBold App provides a familiar and popular medium, mobile, to match innovation with capital. Those we see as the two critical factors for a post-industrial society.

Succintly it:
  • Allows for a media rich creation of elevator pitches on mobile
  • Stimulates Engagement & Interaction at an educational society level
  • Provides Social media interaction between students, alumni, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Shortens the "gap" between young innovators and seasoned investment experts
  • Stimulates a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst young people

The ubiquity of the internet and mobile technology means the young hold the future in the palm of their hands.

BeBold App is not the message, but certainly the medium

The H-Web Fund

It is the mission of the H-Web Fund to build serial entrepreneurs in high potential and emerging markets by giving them the tools and support to launch and scale.
A ‘Global entrepreneurship movement’ that will prove to the world that social return on investment doesn’t prevent a decent monitory return for entrepreneurs and investors alike.
The H-Web believes that the entrepreneur (the jockey) is as important as the entrepreneurial project itself (the horse) in making the business a success.
That’s why we analyse the qualities of the entrepreneur as thoroughly as we analyse the business plan.

BeBold's App strategic partner

Learn more about H-Web Fund

This is how it works

Students install the BeBold app, register their profile and select the societies they are members of.
They can now interact- and share ideas and content with other members of the societies they belong to, instantly!
When they have an innovative idea and wish to pursue it, they record an elevator pitch via BeBold App.
The elevator pitch video is made available to interested investors in realtime, using our matching engine.
Once there is a match our supporting organization will provide the required mentorship to bring the idea to fruition.

How do we pay the bills?


We arrange sponsorships for societies with leading corporates who have an interest in developing youthful innovation and who are interested in a pool of young talent.


We have developed our own ad-engine that will deliver targeted advertisements within the BeBold App. After all, students are consumers as well...


We know our members to be top young talent. We know that corporates are interested in top talent. So we provide a recruitment engine, to bring the two together.

Accommodation Rentals

Top talent need the best accommodation available. With a global shortage of student accommodation we have created a dedicated platform where landlords can interact with students to arrange rentals. Of course, we do it for a small fee.

Sponsored Push Messages

We deliver targeted sponsor messages via our platform. Typically these are for events, concerts, social gatherings, coupons and special offers. We evaluate push campaigns on a per campaign basis,


Our members represent interesting vertical markets, where we foster not only the creation of new ideas, but we also help develop the market for selling the products of innovation. In the near future innovators will be able to sell their products and services via BeBold App!

Frans Claerhout

International Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist.


Charles Maissel

Our resident author and venture capitalist.

Strategic Relations

Tshitso M.

Our resident business development expert.



Our resident tech and development expert.

Tech Lead